Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Increases flowering and fruit set. Dinamo is rich in free L-alpha amino acids, short-chain peptides, nucleotides, water-soluble carbohydrates, oligosaccharides, natural plant growth regulators, minerals, and vitamins produced by enzymatic hydrolysis. It has a rich content in minerals and vitamins.

Total Organic Matter

Organic Carbon

Organic Nitrogen (N)


Benefits Obtained :

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  • Easily absorbed by the plant and quickly assimilated.
  • Provides rapid rooting, flowering, and increased fruit set in plants.
  • Shortens the harvest period, providing early yield.
  • Increases plant resistance to stressful conditions and adverse climates during autumn and winter periods.
  • Increases the uptake and assimilation of potassium, calcium, and magnesium. This ensures the plant gets the necessary energy.

Usage Areas

  • 1 In Plant Production

    In vegetables and fruit trees, Foliar; 250-350cc/100lt water, Soil; 1-3lt/da.

  • 2 Solubility

    Dissolves in water at the recommended concentration, does not precipitate, and leaves no residue.

  • 3 Application Time

    Applied at intervals of 15 days from the growth period in plants.