Liquid Potassium Solution

Accelerates fruit growth and coloring. Minimizes the impact of external changes. It is a special mixture with a high potassium content and a formulation that enhances the effect of this potassium.

Water Soluble K²O

Benefits Obtained :

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  • Accelerates fruit growth and coloring in plants and minimizes the impact of external changes on plants.
  • Minimizes the impact of cold, sudden humidity changes (regulating the opening and closing of stomata), and the side effects of incorrect medications and growth regulators (regulating sweating to excrete from the plant body or transferring excess amino acids and NH4 to the roots).
  • Ensures rapid fruit development by being quickly absorbed by the plant.
  • Ensures the ripening of developed fruits (homogeneous coloring, brightness, and appeal).
  • Ensures fruits stay on the plant branch for a long time. Increases the road and market durability of fruits after harvest.

Usage Areas

  • 1 Usage Amount

    In open field vegetables, 2-4lt/da by drip, 200-400cc/100lt water by foliar; In greenhouses, 2-4lt/da by drip, 200-400cc/100lt water by foliar, 2lt/da by drip in cereals, 200cc/da by foliar from the growth period; In fruit trees, 2-4lt/da by drip, 200-400cc/100lt water by foliar; In tuber crops, 2-4lt/da by drip, 200-400cc/100lt water by foliar; In industrial plants and cut flowers, 2-4lt/da by drip, 200-400cc/da by foliar.

  • 2 Solubility

    Dissolves in water at the recommended concentration, does not precipitate, and leaves no residue.

  • 3 Application Time

    Applied at intervals of 15 days from the growth period in plants.