Liquid Humic Acid

Ensures robust root development. Eliminates stress in all plants. Accelerates growth in vegetables and fruits. It is a humic acid containing 10% amino acid. Eliminates the stress factor during hot-cold transitions and supports healthy growth of plants.

Total Organic Matter

Total Humic Acid

Benefits Obtained :

HumPlus eliminates the stress factor in plants and promotes healthy root development. It has a wide range of uses from seedling cultivation to fruit trees.

  • Eliminates the stress factor in plants.
  • Seedling growers should definitely use amino acid-containing humic acid for rapid growth.
  • If seedlings are taken out of their rich nutrient environment, dipped in HumPlus mixture, and planted, they gain resistance to fungal diseases.
  • Plants have a transmission system similar to the human circulatory system. Plant nutrients are transported to the cells in the root region by a pressure called osmosis. The more we increase the speed of the transmission system, the more nutrients we transport.
  • HumPlus will provide immunity to the plant as it contains amino acid, the building block of cells.
  • The growth points in the root capillaries show up to three times faster development. Therefore, it quickly promotes rooting.
  • Amino acid minimizes the stress factors caused by cold and heat in plants.

Usage Areas

  • 1 In Plant Production

    1 liter HumPlus can be mixed with 4 liters of water and used for dipping and planting seedlings and/or saplings.

  • 2 In Fruit Growing

    In seedlings where root pruning is performed, resistance to root diseases increases.

  • 3 Application Time

    In plant production; during seedling or sapling planting period. In fruit growing; applied after the trees start to wake up (after the ground warms up). It is also used when trees are under stress due to extreme cold and frost risk or extreme heat.