Organomineral Soil Conditioner

Leonardite-based organic soil conditioner and a source of organic matter in the soil.

Total Organic Matter

Total Humic-Fulvic Acid

Maximum Moisture


Benefits Obtained :

Humx Power Granule is an organic soil conditioner based on Leonardite. Improves soil structure and supports plant growth.

  • Leonardite-based organic soil conditioner with light-bodied (sandy) soil.
  • Ensures that heavy-bodied (clayey) soils gain a soft and permeable structure, aerating the soil and making it easy to work.
  • Provides an organic matter source in the soil thanks to its adhesive properties in organic matter.
  • Binds sand particles together, increasing the soil's water and moisture retention capacity.
  • The humic and fulvic acids it contains play an active role in providing essential nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements to both the soil and the plant naturally.
  • Prevents the formation of clods in the soil, making it easier for the soil to come to a fine tilth.
  • Ensures that the fruits are larger, more attractive, fuller, have vibrant colors, and a standard appearance. Darkens the soil color, making it retain more heat. Extends the shelf life and storage period of the products, increasing their market value.
  • Supports plants to be healthier, stronger, and more resistant to adverse external effects.

Usage Areas

  • 1 In Plant Production

    According to the soil analysis results, 25-50 kg or more can be used before or during planting.