Liquid Organic Soil Conditioner

Excellent tillering. Robust root structure. Maximum yield in the product. It is an indispensable product for cereals for robust root development. Ensures excellent tillering and root hair formation. Without zinc deficiency, the uptake of other nutrients cannot occur. Zinc is crucial for high and quality yield.

Total Organic Matter

Total Humic+ Fulvic Acid

Water Soluble Zinc


Benefits Obtained :

HumZinc is an organic soil conditioner based on Leonardite. Improves soil structure and supports plant growth.

  • Increases tillering in barley and wheat, improving the root system.
  • Increases the number of grains in the spikes, yield, and the protein and gluten content in the grain.
  • Significantly higher increases are observed in applied areas compared to non-applied areas.
  • Our strongest remedy for crops with growth and dwarfism problems.
  • Used in seed coating. It is our support product to increase resistance to diseases. Can be used with seed treatments.
  • 1 liter of product can be mixed with 4 liters of water to coat 100-250 kg of seeds. When applied after harvest in fruit trees, it increases the number of fruit buds for the next season.
  • Prevents rosetting in trees.
  • Ensures the development of new and healthy shoots. Increases resistance to diseases.

Usage Areas

  • 1 In Plant Production

    In dry farming applications; 0.5 liters of Hum Zinc/40 liters of water is applied per decare (1000m²) area with a sprayer (Holder), together with herbicide. In irrigated farming applications; 1 liter of Hum Zinc/40 liters of water is applied per decare (1000m²) area with a sprayer, together with herbicide. Additionally, in irrigated farming, it can also be applied through drip irrigation, sprinkler, or mini spring systems at 1 liter per decare (1000m²) without using a sprayer.

  • 2 In Fruit Growing

    In trees over 3 years old, apply 150 ml per tree x 600 ml water to the canopy projection. In drip, sprinkler, or mini spring systems, apply 500 ml - 1 liter.

  • 3 Application Time

    In plant production; done with herbicide applications in cereals. In fruit growing; applied in the fall after the product harvest, before the trees shed their leaves.